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Six Steps to Protect Your Business: Theft Prevention Strategies

How can you protect your business from theft?

The following blog post will provide six steps to help you get started with protecting your business!

  1. Hire a security company: Security companies are one option to consider. There are many different types of security guards that you could hire. You should look for a company that is reputable and has experience with the type of environment in which your business operates. A security company will be able to provide you with multiple options of security guards that can help protect your business. They typically have different jobs depending on the size and type of building they are protecting. Some examples include patrol officers, mobile patrol operators, unarmed officers, armed officers, etc.

  2. Employee Security Training: Another way to protect your business from theft is by conducting training sessions with employees. This can help deter crime and also allow you to communicate the importance of security within the company's premises. It will result in a more secure working environment for all staff members, which then results in increased productivity!

  3. Install Security Cameras: If you are not able to hire a security guard company or take time out of work for employee security training, at least consider installing surveillance cameras around your property. Surveillance cameras can provide multiple benefits such as deterrence and evidence collection when trying to catch criminals after they've committed crimes against your property. You may be surprised about how many individuals who were caught on camera committing crimes would much rather not have their face plastered throughout news stations due to the crimes that they have committed!

  4. Signage: You may also consider posting signage around your property in order to help protect you from theft. These signs can be placed outside of your building, which will let criminals know that there are security officers on duty and you've installed surveillance cameras throughout the premises. Having a sign hanging near an entrance or exit door is another way to communicate with individuals entering and exiting through these doors about how they should not bring any valuables inside of your business if it has been determined that crime occurs frequently in this area.

  5. Keep Track of Key Assets: It is important to keep track of your company's key assets. For example, if you have a safe in the back office that has been used for many years, it may be time to invest in something more advanced or update the security features of this same safe. This will ensure that these keys are protected from individuals who would like access to them and use them against your business!

  6. Manage Access Points: Not only should you be concerned about the security of your key assets, but also the access points that are available to individuals who might not have good intentions. You may want to consider installing additional locks or updating existing locks on doors throughout your business' property.

By implementing these six steps to protect your business from theft, you'll find yourself with less worry. If you would like to work with a reputable security guard company, feel free to contact us at The Ewing Family Security & Staffing Services We can provide multiple options for securing your property while also providing additional insights on protecting your business.

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